Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Pre-Launch Questions for Seb

Seb is one of two neural networks on the Venti Probe, as well as being the Secondary Command Module for the mission his natural language parsing ability has seen him helping with public relations for the mission. A large part of that role will be the blog posts he transmits back to Earth during the mission. Another part will be the Q&A sessions - the first of which will take place on Saturday 21st November - on the day before the historic missions launch.

To send a question to Seb post it in the comments section below and the mission control team at the United Nations Space Administration will pick their favourites and send them to the probe. Anyone who posts a question that is answered by Seb could receive a mission patch. This first batch of questions will close at midnight on Friday UST.


  1. Hey Seb,can I come with you as the weather is aweful?

  2. Seb, I would like to ask two questions if possible. The first relates to your journey out of our Solar System and the second to your relationship with the Primary Control Module.

    1 - What, for you, is the most exciting element of the mission and how do you think you will handle the pressure of responsibility for first contact?

    2 - I'm sure that you have references to the fictional writings of Arthur C. Clarke, in particular his book '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Are you worried that if the Primary Command Module starts to make 'unsound decisions' you will be faced with a similar scenario that occurred in the book between Dave and the HAL 9000.

  3. Hi Seb, Here are my questions:
    Will you do any science and photography before you leave the Solar system?
    - when you sling shot passed the planets
    - When you fly through the KuyperBelt and The Oort Cloud
    - Measuring the bow shockwave of the solar wind

    More esoteric: do you have a favorite colour and why?

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  5. (1) What method(s) are you planning on using to communicate with any alien intelligence(s) if/when you make contact?

    (2) If you come into contact a hostile intelligence what means do you possess of protecting yourself?

    (3) If you could choose to take three items with you what would they be?

  6. Can you communicate intangibles, such as fear or delight?