Friday, 11 December 2015

09.05.2111 - Sun Dragon C Payload

By M. Oktar Guloglu via Wikimedia Commons

Distance: 2,692,761,672 km from Earth | Content Flag: EYES ONLY

Content eyes only. Private decryption key required.

As directed by the confidential mission protocols, the nanotech payload was successfully deployed. The retro burn for the canister slowed it enough for the spray to occur within the mapped boundary of the entity. We were only able to monitor the dispersal for less than a second, although that was long enough to determine that the binding process began as expected.

We received 3,000 bonded completed signals and no significant change in Sun Dragon’ C’s structure, either electrical or chemical. As such we have determined that the initial contact phase has been completed as planned.

The micro-sat was also deployed without incident and we’ve received telemetry in a tight-beam transmission. It’s reporting bonding growth exponential within the expected parameters so we are certain that self-replication of the nanobots is progressing.

At our current speed and acceleration, the micro-sat will only be able to relay its data to us for another three hours. Until then we’ll continue to analyse the datastream and will report anything of consequence.

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