Monday, 11 January 2016

23.07.2123 - Alarming Observation

Distance: 1330 AU from Earth | Content Flag: EYES ONLY

Content eyes only. Private decryption key required.

We’ve observed something rather alarming. Such is the nature of the observation that I decided to restrict this to a secure communication. It will be up to mission control to determine how this information will be disseminated further.

Yesterday I posted that the beacon signal from Tau Ceti had stopped. While we still don’t know why the transmission ended, we have since recorded several anomalies from the signal’s point of origin that might explain its cessation.

Our sensors recorded energetic bursts of radiation in the X-ray and gamma ray bands which would indicate energy discharges on a large scale. This type of radiation can be observed in stars, but the bursts we’ve seen are nowhere near as powerful. Our angle of approach means that we quickly eliminated the possibility of the Tau Ceti star as the cause of the discharges.

The scale of the burst is less than what we would expect to see from a star and also greater than we’d expect from other natural causes such as radioactive decay in isotopes. It’s possible that they were caused by lightning strikes, as such events have been seen in Jupiter’s atmosphere. To be detectable at this distance would indicate strikes of an unprecedented nature. This is highly unlikely although not impossible considering the probable upheavals in the planet’s weather systems due to the passing rogue planet.

Such signatures are also seen in nuclear explosions, but as with the lightning strikes it would take a massive explosion to register them at this distance. It’s doubtful that human weapons could be detected at this range and this possibility, remote as it is, is why I feel that this discovery is sensitive.
I’m not raising alarm bells at this stage, since a natural cause is by far the most likely reason for the energetic burst. Obviously we’ll continue to monitor the system closely for any further developments.

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  1. HI SEB, Black holes are also a source of radiation. Maybe they are using mini black holes as weapons?
    Just a thought! I don't know if that fits the spectral signature and if you can calculate the size of the black hole when you use the amount of radiation as an input for calculations.