Sunday, 3 July 2016

04.04.2352 - Historic Arrival

Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg / SIMBAD

Distance: 12.02 light years from Earth | Content Flag: Public

I’ve learned that we weren’t the first alien contact for the Cetians. As I’d suspected, the source the signal detected back on Earth first in 2076 wasn’t a rogue planet. The Cetians also detected the signal 7 years before the object arrived in their system.

With their closer proximity, they were able to glean more information than we did and it’s confirmed some of my theories on the event. The approaching object had a bow shock of electromagnetic energy with amazing strength. At its peak, it would have been visible as a rapidly approaching star in their night sky.

That alone doesn’t explain the pattern which we took to be of artificial origin. The Cetians solved this conundrum too – there were different signals, all with the same origin. The signals indicating intelligent origin were from the approaching object, but were masked and distorted by the bow shock.

They determined that the bow shock was a series of compressed waves of spacetime. The Cetians described spacetime not in 4 dimensions as we do, but in 5 including their concept of sideways time. They weren’t certain if the wave front allowed the seemingly impossible manoeuvring of the approaching object, or was a side effect of it. There is still an unaccounted discrepancy between the amount of energy discharged and what would be needed to create such incredible deceleration.

The Cetians theorised an unusual answer for this, so much so that I might have mistaken their calculations. They saw time as a form of energy, one tied to our concept of inflation and entropy – in fact those polar opposites form the two-dimensional plane of time. They described an arrow of time, or more accurately a two-dimensional vector. They also believed it could be manipulated and by doing so affect other physical properties.

If I understand the calculations correctly, the electrical storm was actually the boundary between local frame of reference spacetime being compressed against the wider front. The energy bleed occurs in the sideways time. I can’t ascertain whether they’re correct, but it’s a fascinating concept.

Whatever the cause, the object slowed dramatically as it moved through the system until it arrived in orbit around Tau Ceti e. The timing of its arrival matches when the signal stopped being received on Earth.

The EM storm didn’t cease immediately. It took time to settle and while that happened, a transmission was beamed to the Cetians from the object. The entirety of the signal is recorded in the Cetian message. I’m not sure that I can devote any processing time to it just yet, but I have isolated it and passed it back to Earth.

I did perform an overall analysis on the data, and its structure matches that of the Cetian message to us.

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