Sunday, 10 July 2016

05.04.2352 - Alien Ark

Artist's conception of the five-planet Tau Ceti system (Photo: J. Pinfield/RoPACS/University of Hertfordshire)

Distance: 12.02 light years from Earth | Content Flag: Public

We are fortunate that the Cetian technology was at a suitable level to interact and learn from the alien visitation. It’s clear that it was nowhere near the level of these Visitors, but sufficient to grasp some of the core concepts.

In a mirror image to my present situation, they had plentiful direct observations before being able to extract any meaning from the Visitors’ first contact message. It’s obvious now that the Cetians learned the method of remotely-managed first contact from these Visitors. It remains to be seen what else I assumed to be Cetian knowledge or processes was actually learned from the Visitors.

The Cetians lacked that understanding when the Visitors arrived, so instead relied on their own methods to learn about the arrivals. The first knowledge they gained was of the object that had arrived so dramatically in their system.

My belief that the object was a celestial body wasn’t so far wrong. From the details I’ve extracted from the Cetian data, the body was an irregular planetoid about 400 km in diameter. The giant lump of rock and metal had been extensively engineered to create what the Cetians described as a giant ark.
That seemed an oddly specific term to use. While my translation may have been incorrect, this gave me an avenue of investigation to pursue. My comprehension of the Cetian language and methods for transcribing information has advanced greatly over the years, but there are still challenges to overcome. There are key concepts or items that I am familiar with and these create the nexus for unravelling the next piece of information.

‘Ark’ has a specific connotation in English and I’d drawn the same connection with this label for the Visitors’ craft. At first I considered that I’d made a mistake, so I delved deeper into my findings. The clue came from how I’d formed the initial translation. I’d already encountered the concept of spacecraft and also of an ecology, or a geographical grouping of life forms.

The quantity of data I am trying to make sense of is huge and I’m approaching it in a piecemeal fashion. This technique has its disadvantages, in this case not retrieving all of the pertinent information.

From retracing my links, I learned that the Cetians called it ‘a ship of many species’ – which does sound like an ark. How they made the connection stems back to the background signals behind its shockwave of electromagnetic energy. They had noticed differences between some of those transmissions, enough to attribute them to different species. Note that they didn’t think that they were different individuals of the same species.

It’s frustrating that I cannot follow their deductions with enough clarity to draw the same conclusions. It could be that they were wrong, but it does raise some interesting possibilities.

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