Sunday, 28 August 2016

17.05.2352 - A Different Story

Crédit DR

Distance: 12.02 light years from Earth | Content Flag: Public

The discovery of another datastore is incredible news, but also alarming. The secret store contains a much smaller set of information than the repeated signal. It repeats as well, but contains only 3.2 hours worth of data. Apart from its location there appeared to be no other protection, as the information itself uses exactly the same format as the original data.

It describes a different sequence of events to that in the main stream. The Cetians did indeed survive the Sun Dragon encounter with little consequence, but it’s the interactions with the Visitors which diverge from the original narrative.

From what I’ve translated so far, Cetian society was well integrated and shared common purpose. They operated a level of democracy much deeper than any similar structure on Earth as key decisions were made by all voters. I made a note to see how they supported such organisation. Only at the end was any significant rift in behaviour shown. According to this new source, the response to the Visitors’ invitation was accepted by a large proportion of the population.

Although they suffered little damage from the Sun Dragon visitation, the Cetians acknowledged the wider danger they presented. With the new knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligent life, elements within the Cetian population wanted to involve themselves with the wider community.

A rift formed, as the ones who wanted to leave were outnumbered in the vote. They ignored the vote and, with the Visitors’ assistance, left the planet. The Cetian response was immediate and they launched an all-out attack on the Visitors’ vessel. The Cetians were outmatched and outgunned, and the Visitors responded with overwhelming force.

While it still seemed like overkill to me, this new information did cast events in a different light. The remainder of the datastore described further arguments about how the brief conflict would be recorded in the memorial signal. Again there was a vote and it was decided to record the events to leave the Cetians remembered in a positive light. It was also hoped that anyone encountering the Visitors after the Cetian message would destroy the Visitors.

A few disagreed with the decision and plotted to plant the truth in the data. They knew that they couldn’t hide it within the signal itself, so took measures to hide it within the satellite, with a proximity sensor to activate it if another object approached closely enough.

I don’t know what to do with this information. Nothing I’d discovered indicated deception of this level about the Cetians – although everything I knew about them came from them directly.

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