Sunday, 4 September 2016

18.05.2352 - A Change of Plan

By NASA/JPL-Caltech - Double the Rubble, Public Domain

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I’m still processing this new information. If it’s true then it changes things, but if it’s not true then what does that mean? Why would anybody go through so much effort to place a lie? I can’t predict any viable situation that would benefit from this deception. If the Visitors were trying to cover up their attack then why not simply destroy the satellite?

There are too many questions and no satisfactory answers.

On the basic level, what does it change? The motivations of the Visitors remain the same, but there is some question of how events played out between them and the Cetians. The behaviour of the Cetians isn’t as clear cut as it was, but that makes sense. With their memorial signal as my only source of information, it’s no surprise that discrepancies appeared when another source became available.

There’s still no contact with Earth and a second opinion on what I should do would be welcome. I’d have to wait 24 years for that advice and I will no longer be functional by that point. Maybe my decision to stop trying to restore the PCM has proved to be a poor one, but it’s too late to second guess that decision now.

These thoughts lead me to examine my purpose for being here. My mission was to discover the source of the Tau Ceti signal and I have found so much more than that. The discovery of the Cetians is historic, but that of the Visitors could be more significant for humanity in the long run.

The Cetians tracked the Visitors departure from the system and calculated that they were heading to Epsilon Indi. The Epsilon Indi system is 11.5 light years from Tau Ceti. It is a complex system containing a K class star and two brown dwarfs. Two planets have been postulated around the main star, but not confirmed.

There are no signs of life in that system that we’re aware of, but the Visitors are heading there for a reason. I believe that the Venti probe needs to follow these aliens and learn more about them. This will not be an easy task as it is effectively repeating the journey we’ve already made from Earth, but without the support of mission control.

There are a huge number of obstacles to overcome, but we will soon travel to another star.

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